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Contact - Sales Policy

Please feel free to contact us for availability.  Please read our sales policy carefully.  We want to work with you on the purchase of your new rabbit.  We always welcome any questions or concerns. 

Cheryl and Syd Gott:

336-492-2055 (no calls after 9:00 pm)

Gott Flemish? has the right to refuse any sale, to anyone, for any reason, at any time without explanation.  By placing a deposit on our rabbit(s), you accept these policies.  If you disagree with any of the terms listed, notify Gott Flemish? at once so that we may work out any differences.  Gott Flemish? reserves the right to edit this policy at any time.




50% deposit at time of order payable by check or money order unless other arrangements are made.  There will be a charge of $35.00 for any returned check.  Balance is payable at the time of delivery by cash only unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery.


Your order will not be considered placed until we have received your deposit.  Please mail your deposit to: 


Gott Flemish?, 286 Sheffield Farms Trails, Harmony, NC  28634


Refundable Deposit:  If the rabbit you have on order dies and we are unable to fill your order, your deposit will be refunded in full, however, if you decide not to follow through with your purchase, you will forfeit your deposit, no exceptions.   




When your rabbit is ready, arrangements can be made to pick up your rabbit(s).  There are no exceptions to the below methods: 


Rabbits can be picked up at Gott Flemish? with an appointment only.  Please be courteous of our time and be prompt.  Please call if you will be late or need to reschedule, we will do the same.


Rabbits can be picked up at any show we are attending. Please contact us in advance for our show schedule.




Show quality rabbits sold by Gott Flemish? come with pedigrees. Pet quality rabbits do not come with pedigrees. 


We do not guarantee that any rabbit, sold as a show quality rabbit will win any awards or competitions.  The classification of the rabbit as show quality simply means that it is free of discernible disqualifications or faults at the time of sale.  This is the opinion of Gott Flemish? and our experience on the competitive show tables.  As your rabbit matures it may develop disqualifications or faults that are not evident at the time of sale; this is not the responsibility of Gott Flemish?; but rather this is the risk we all incur as breeders.  If you believe that your rabbit has a discernible disqualification at the time of purchase it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention at the time of purchase for discussion.




The rabbits of Gott Flemish? are raised in a climate controlled / weather protected building.  You are responsible for transitioning your rabbits to your climate.  These rabbits are raised with high quality feed, fresh water and plenty of hay.  Your rabbit is delivered to you with no health issues that we are aware of at the time of sale. 


At the time of delivery you will be given transitional food for your rabbit.  This is the food your rabbit has been eating while it has been in our care.  Your rabbit will be conditioned to generic bottled water.  This will be the generic bottled water found in gallon containers in the grocery store or price clubs.  It is your responsibility to successfully transition your rabbit to your own feed and watering system.




Our current plan is to arrive on Friday October 28 evening – we will provide you with a contact number for us while traveling.


Your rabbit(s) will be delivered to the convention site no later than 1:00 pm the day before the convention opens. Once we arrive at the convention site, we will call you to meet us in the Flemish Giant area to deliver your rabbit to your coop.  At this time your balance is due in cash.  There are no exceptions unless we have made prior arrangements.   


Non Payment:  If the cash balance is not paid by 5:00 pm on the day prior to the convention – the rabbit will be considered for sale to the next person on the waiting list and the deposit will be forfeited.


Entries:  You are responsible for these entries by the applicable deadline.  You will be provided with the ear numbers for these rabbits by the deadline for your entries. 


If you are not attending convention, please supply us with the name of your transport that we will deal with to transfer custody of your rabbit.  Custody of your rabbit will be transferred no later than 1:00 pm the day before the convention opens.




It is the policy of Gott Flemish? to sell convention orders experienced breeders only.  These rabbits are going to travel many miles and will be placed under heavy stress conditions.  They will undergo drastic changes in diet, water, climate, housing, and husbandry practices.  It will take a highly experienced breeders to know how to transition a young rabbit through this stress.  For this reason, we may ask you questions about your experience with this breed of rabbit to be sure you are aware of the challenges in keeping the animal properly conditioned through this stressful time.


We will be available to you for advice for the life of your rabbit for assistance if needed.


Thank you for choosing Gott Flemish? for the purchase of your new Flemish Giant.


Cheryl and Syd Gott



      The End!


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