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Varieties Pictured: Black ~ Sandy ~ Light Gray ~ Fawn


Welcome to Gott Flemish?

Quality Flemish Giants ~ 7 varieties

Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel and White 

A little about Us

When we began our rabbitry, we called upon the best rabbitries and breeders to help us start our own line.  We attended shows, listened to peers, mentors and "Rabbit Enthusiasts"; all of whom have blessed us with rewarding relationships and knowledge.  We never stop learning, researching and growing our understanding of these fascinating rabbits.  We hope you will find them equally enjoyable and fascinating. 

The Flemish Giant is known as the Gentle Giant.  It is the largest recognized breed in the United States.  On average, the Flemish grow to 16-18 lbs. , with some growing as large as 20+ lbs.  The Flemish Giant makes a wonderful pet as well as an outstanding show animal or stock animal.

We have litters are available throughout the year.  Please contact us with your preferences. 

We can offer:

Pet Quality ~ Animals sold without pedigree

Show Stock or Breeding Stock ~ Animals sold with standard three generation pedigree 






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